Tuesday, November 28, 2023

“Kiss The Dove:” Photographer Became Viral After Directing Foreign Bride In Leyte


“Kiss The Dove:” Photographer Became Viral After Directing Foreign Bride In Leyte

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The intimate moment turned into English 101 as Filipino photographer Vincent Paulo Cortes shared behind-the-scenes of their newlyweds, Hazkel and Eline’s post-nuptial photo shoot in Leyte.

On September 23, the Filipino photographer posted a video of Hazkel and Eline holding a dove as one of the main elements in their wedding shoot.

Cortes’ staff started their shoot by instructing the groom to kiss the bride, which the couple did so lovingly.

The staff then instructed the couple to “kiss the dove”, while the wife confusingly followed. The staff quickly realized the fault saying “No, no, no. Sorry, sorry. Wrong grammar! ”

Everyone in the shoot laughed at the staff’s remarks and even continued on with the shoot, “The dove will kiss,” which supposedly meant “Let the doves kiss”.

“Congratulations to both of you. Napasaya ako ng video na ito today,” a netizen commented.

The video has already reached 1.5 million views, with over 43,000 reactions and 2,000 comments going viral on Facebook.

A number of netizens commented on how the staff could just “Ctrl + Z” or undo what he said, or jokingly, it could have been “wrong sent” instead of wrong grammar.

Despite the English directing challenge, the shoot ended up fun and wonderful and brought laughs to everyone in the shoot and to netizens as well.

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